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Feed Bunk Cleaner by Unruh Easy Clean

The Easy Clean saves feedyard operators time, labor, and money. It makes cleaning your bunks easy and fast.

Easy Clean Anybody who feeds cattle faces the problem of cleaning out the bunks. They get clogged with old feed or with snow or water. To keep your stock healthy you need to clean the bunks. Cleaning the bunks is one of the most time consuming and unpleasant parts of operating a yard. But here's an innovation that will help: The Easy Clean Bunk Cleaner.

The Easy Clean is not just any bunk sweeper; it attaches to your existing tractor and enables your people to clean thousands of feet of bunks in minutes, not hours. It's safe and efficient and compatible with the bunks at almost every feedyard.

Bunk Cleaner

Efficient and Simple Operation.

One reason the Easy Clean Bunk Cleaner is so valuable is because of its straightforward operation. The wheels help keep the unit aligned in the bunk, so it is easy to drive. You can adjust the height to fit the bunk height.

The auger in the middle of the unit sweeps materials into the center where powerful blower paddles throw feed or water back into the pan. A front beater breaks up deep snow and packed feed. And back brooms sweep leftover material into the auger for thorough cleaning.

The Easy Clean Bunk Cleaner is made from 2 1/2" square tubing. It is durable and reliable. If needed, spare parts are readily available. Also, we can help customize Easy Clean to your set up and needs. Contact one of our sales people for more information on customization.


Bunk Cleaner

Fits On Your Existing Tractor.

One great thing about the Easy Clean is that it can be attached to most tractors. It sits in front of the tractor so the driver can see it while operating. And the controls work with the tractor's controls: If you can drive a tractor, you can operate the Easy Clean.

The Easy Clean is easy to put on and take off a tractor. Usually it takes about 10 minutes to hook the unit up to your tractor, so there is no need to dedicate one tractor to Easy Clean use.

Easy Clean

Sweep Away Your Hassles With the Easy Clean Bunk Cleaner

Bunk cleaning will never be fun, but any good feedyard owner knows he has to do it. The Easy Clean efficiently cleans bunks and makes good business sense, too. It saves time and money for the feedyard.

Once you start using the Easy Clean, you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

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